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Carpet Restore Cleaning: On this job we were tasked to Perform Restore Cleaning on carpet and attempt to remove Pet Pee Odors.




Erik and his team were on time and very friendly and professional. And extremely knowledgeable on cleaning and removing pet stains and pet odor. They took there time and did amazing job. I would highly recommend Erik for all your carpet and tile services. Brad

First video is before cleaning, the second after cleaning was done.

Carpet had 13+ years of use including cats and dogs. These little guys had left some unwanted memories behind and we were tasked with removing them requiring a special restore process Incl. before and after treatment with several different chemicals. 


Tile and Grout Restore

To get this home ready for sale the customer asked to have tile and grout deep cleaned. I was not set up to receive reviews at this time – I will attempt to get one – But I believe Customer was quite satisfied.


No Customer review available

Work performed
September 2023 On a Day when the rain came down Texas Style and having a TruckMount outside even with my best effort I was SOAKED. Luckily it was warm:)

First video is before cleaning, the second after cleaning was done.

Restore Proccess with Pre-Treatment of tile & Grout, Machine Scrub with CRB and hand scrub all grout lines.

Pressure Clean and rinse using Clean and Capture tools. Dry and inspect.